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Petrolog - 10 Division
Petrolog - 10 Division
  • Unit Price: $2.95
  • Description: The Petrolog is approximately the size of an index card. Has 10 divisions for samples. Plastic slotted base, self adhesive back and card stock cover. Capacity 10 divisions, 100m of sample at 10m intervals per Petrolog. An excellant addition to your cuttings library. The self-adhesive backing allows for clean, dry samples to adhere permanently, one chip thick. After filling a section and tamping down with a pencil end or finger, simply turn the Petrolog over and tap sharply over a waste basket to get rid of all potential contamination. Once all compartments are filled one chip deep, inter compartment contamination is eliminated. Opposite the sample on the inside cover the rulings for depth and sample descriptions. Specific samples of porosity or the fossil beign described can be isolated in a separate compartment. Both Petrologs and Metrologs fit nicely in a standard mailing envelope. Now the zones of interest can be in the head office when the logs arrive. Depth corrections, sutle correlations and pay zone evaluatiosn are all easily compared with the detailed logs. An excellent answer to zones of interest, tested intervals, or for a formation-top library. Invaluable in faulted or overturned sediments where changes are sublte. An ideal method of comparing color changes for microscopic examination.
  • Product Code: PP15110
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