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Geological Well site Kit
Geological Well site Kit
  • Unit Price: $209.95
  • Description: Kit Contents: 10% Hydrochloric Acid-250 ml, Alizarin Red Solution-62.5 ml, Phenolphthalein-62.5 ml, 250ml Wash Bottle-1 Piece, Box with wooden matches-1 Box, 6” Glass Stir Rod-2 Rods, Plastic handle probe-2 Pieces, 12 Spot Cavity Plate-1 Piece, Curved Tweezers-1 Piece, Straight Tweezers-1 Piece, 65mm Watch Glass-4 Pieces, 10x Hand Lens-1 Piece, Vial with pair of Nitrile Gloves-1 Vial, 5 Division Comparison Tray-1 Tray, Triangular Examination Tray-4 Trays, Tape Measure-1 Piece, Dropper Bottle 25 ml-2 Pieces.
  • Product Code: PP55555
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